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Strength is the foundation of everything we do at Austin Performance Fitness, and strength requires consistency, lifting heavy things, and a willingness to change.

At APF, our unconventional methods go against much of what you hear in mainstream fitness. The confidence and usable foundation of strength that you develop here will change the way you see yourself and where you think you can go.

We challenge you without crushing you. We encourage progress without pain. We train to educate and empower you toward a sustainable lifestyle.

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The Minimal Effective Amount

In a world of excess, the fitness community is no exception. It’s not uncommon to hear about 45 minute or even 1 and a half hour workouts with upwards of 12 exercises in each. Nor is it uncommon to hear about 5 mile runs every day, and workouts that demand...

Simple Strength: Results in Just 1 Exercise a Day, 3 Days a Week!!

What if you could get results with just one lift a day? And what if you only had to do that 3 times a week? Would you believe that you could get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, and feel great? This is your chance to prove this myth right or wrong. One lift a day...

Charity Bootcamps: Giving Back to Austin Through Fitness

What do you get when you combine your love of fitness and your love for your city? That’s right, a Charity Bootcamp. 5Ks are all fun and good, but they’re all too common and there’s not much to them other than running. (That’s cool if you like...

Our new location in Austin, TX

4315 S 1st St, Unit M, Austin, TX, 78745

4315 S 1st St, Unit M
Austin, TX  78745