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Strength is the foundation of everything we do at Austin Performance Fitness, and strength requires consistency, lifting heavy things, and a willingness to change.

At APF, our unconventional methods go against much of what you hear in mainstream fitness. The confidence and usable foundation of strength that you develop here will change the way you see yourself and where you think you can go.

We challenge you without crushing you. We encourage progress without pain. We train to educate and empower you toward a sustainable lifestyle.

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Burpee Basics 102: Proper Progressions for Burpee Perfection

By far one of the most abused, and most feared, bodyweight exercise is the burpee. It’s also one of the most versatile, full-body, explosive, calorie-burning, equipment-free, exercises that ever existed. It’s the ultimate combination of a: 1) Hip-hinge, 2)...

Top 3 Methods for Workout Recovery

If you’ve ever been the victim of stalled progress, sluggish movement, or stiffness and soreness as you move during your workouts then this post is for you. Hopefully, you’ve been fortunate enough to experience the feeling of greatness that comes after a...

5 Easy Ways to Curb Sweet Cravings for Fat Loss

According to Elf, the 4 Food Groups this holiday season are: Candy Candy Canes Candy Corns Syrup So I won’t pretend sweet consumption isn’t real and isn’t okay. So with this wonderful season of holiday awesomeness comes the constant aroma and...

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4315 S 1st St, Unit M
Austin, TX  78745